A Resolution.

Oh, I have plenty of the usual resolutions for this year… Get to the gym more, read to my kids more, learn something new. But one in particular really hit me tonight. I was cleaning out my office. Well, my dining room that doubles as an office. Going through drawers  and random boxes of stuff that were hidden away in the cabinets. And I came across SO many photos. Photos of my kids when they were small.


Grace in dress-up costumes or covered in red juice because she drank straight from the pitcher. Six month old Ellie with a heart drawn in paint on her belly. And one where she is  sitting in the family room wearing a curly black wig. And then there are the photos from our vacations to  Martha’s Vineyard and Disney. Ellie on skis for the first time, snuggled between my legs in a snowplow stance. Grace with her pre-school teachers. And riding with Grandpa on his tractor. Ellie sitting in the playhouse she got for her 2nd birthday, with Molly our dog who is now approaching 15 years old.

As I held the photos in my hands and flipped through them, it hit me how precious they are. How precious printed photographs are. Looking at these pictures made me smile and laugh. And they made me tear up at the thought of how my kids are not little any more. I can hardly stand to think about that. I miss having little kids  who believe in Santa or smile at the Elmo candle on their birthday cake.

And then I realized that it is like time stopped the day I bought a digital camera. Because I stopped printing my photos. In print, Ellie is only two years old. Grace just five. But so much has happened over the years between then and now. Trips to Disney. Trips to Paris. Plenty of vacations on Martha’s Vineyard. Christmases and birthdays. New Years Eve balloon drops with friends. An Elementary School graduation. Four years of of “girls-only” mom and daughter summer road trips.

Oh I am so terrible about printing my family photos. Yes, me who preaches the importance of this to my clients. But the sad truth is, I have hard drives full of images that may never see the light of day. They won’t be squirreled away in a drawer for someone to find years from now because they are sitting on a hard-drive (or my phone!) that may even be useless by that time. And that is just no good.

So here I am, resolving to  be sure that tangible photographs make a comeback in this house starting in 2013. Whether that means loose 4×6’s that just get thrown in the drawer, prints on my walls, or printing albums, I’m not sure, but  I will make sure that I have something I can hold in my hands next year and in years to come so that I can look back at the happiness we shared as a family in 2013. Because there is a lot of happiness  to remember, and when those memories are stuck on hard drives it is just not the same.

I hope you all will join me in this resolution for 2013.  Let’s all be able to sit on our sofas at the end of 2013 holding REAL photographs in our hands and remember the beauty and specialness of the every day. Better yet, let’s be able to do that ten or twenty years from now, and make ourselves laugh and cry and remember these good, happy days.

xoxo & Happy New Year!

Ps. Just a quick plug for a photobook company recently started by some favorite photographers of mine… it’s called Artifact Uprising. I am reminded of them with this post, because of their tagline “Inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible”. THAT is exactly what I’m talking about. Check them out if you have lots of images you’d like to see in print to document your next happy year.



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