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Another day, another blog post! This is going to be a long one. Because I am not the best about blogging, and I have TWO sessions to blog for this familiy! They invited me to photograph little Hannah when she was a newborn, back in the Fall of 2012, and I never managed to get that session (along with many others!) up on my blog. This Fall I got to meet up with them again and Hannah was almost one already! Time goes by too fast. So, I’ll share a few favorites from her newborn session, and then the rest from her one year session, which took place at the Boston Public Garden and the Boston Common. I really enjoyed working with you all again, and of course, I can’t forget, awesome Lulu the dog!

Let’s start with just a handful of photos from our session back in 2012.
Boston Newborn Photographer_0165.jpg
Boston Newborn Photographer_0163.jpg
Boston Newborn Photographer_0164.jpg
Boston Newborn Photographer_0166.jpg

And, fast forward to September 2013! I can’t believe how much she’s grown! We met up at the Boston Public Garden, where everything was green and the flowers were blooming.

Boston Baby Photographer_0168.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0169.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0167.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0170.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0171.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0172.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0173.jpg
Meet Lulu!
Boston Baby Photographer_0176.jpg

We of strolled around for a bit, and checked out the swan boats:

Boston Family Photographer_0177.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0205.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0178.jpg

Time for a bottle:

Boston Family Photographer_0179.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0182.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0180.jpg

And watching the ducks:

Boston Family Photographer_0184.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0206.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0185.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0186.jpg

And we couldn’t forget the Make Way for Ducklings ducks!

Boston Family Photographer_0187.jpg

Boston Family Photographer_0188.jpg

Then a quick trip over to the Boston Common for a ride on the carousel:

Boston Family Photographer_0189.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0191.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0190.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0192.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0193.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0194.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0195.jpg

Fun with Dad:
Boston Family Photographer_0200.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0201.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0202.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0197.jpg

Snuggles with Mom:

Boston Family Photographer_0198.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0199.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0203.jpg

And done! Time to go home for a little nap.

Boston Family Photographer_0196.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0204.jpg

I hope to see you all again next Fall!


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