North Andover Family Session

I am having so much fun looking back over the last year! I’m continuing to jump around a bit with my blog posts, and am excited to share another really fun session with you. This little guy is four years old and had the best personality, that I think really came through in these images. He’s fun, and smart, and just a little boy at heart. And his parents were really nice people. I hope they had as much fun as I did! This is a big share, so sit back and have a look!

Our session took place at the Stevens Coolidge Place in North Andover — and of course, with a four year old boy, we started out by checking out the pond in the rose garden to see if we could find the frog who likes to play hide and seek…

Andover Portrait Photographer_0137.jpgAndover Portrait Photographer_0133.jpg
Andover Portrait Photographer_0138.jpg

A few shots on the steps…
Andover Portrait Photographer_0134.jpg
Andover Portrait Photographer_0136.jpg
Andover Portrait Photographer_0135.jpg

We then headed over to the grapevine. I love his expressions!
Andover Portrait Photographer_0139.jpg
Andover Portrait Photographer_0140.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0141.jpg
Andover Portrait Photographer_0144.jpg

Then, why not climb a tree, right?
Andover Portrait Photographer_0145.jpg
Andover Portrait Photographer_0161.jpg

And perch on dad’s shoulders for a bit.
Andover Portrait Photographer_0146.jpg

Take a few shots of mom:
boston Family Photographer Photographer_0148.jpg
Andover Portrait Photographer_0149.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0142.jpg

And time for a little rest:
Andover Portrait Photographer_0150.jpg
Andover Portrait Photographer_0152.jpg
Andover Portrait Photographer_0153.jpg
Andover Portrait Photographer_0151.jpg

But not for long!
Boston Family Photographer_0156.jpg
Andover Portrait Photographer_0157.jpg

Then we got some great golden light, and it was time to wrap up this fun afternoon.
Andover Portrait Photographer_0159.jpg

Boston Family Photographer

Andover Portrait Photographer_0154.jpg

Thanks to the three of you for being so much fun to work with!

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