Family Photo Session at Wingaersheek Beach – Massachusetts Family Photographer

I’m starting to think that neglecting to blog for months at a time is a good idea, if only so that I can transport myself back to warmer weather when it’s 18 degrees outside my window…

This was a really fun and relaxed session at Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester — and this beach is so much more than just sand and water. Kids love it because of the awesome rocks and tide pools to play on and in. When this family arrived, I could tell that the boys were not totally thrilled with the whole idea of a family photo session (what boys their age are!?), but once they realized there would be plenty of time to have fun climbing on rocks and looking for snails, they embraced the idea and were even suggesting locations to me. And their sister, as with most little girls her age, was more than happy to have her picture taken. She had an awesome toothless smile and I loved her sparkly pink mouse ears, which she decided to wear for most of the session! And I have to add, that you have to admire their mom — she was PTO President at my kids’ school… As much as I love to do what I can to help out at school — running the PTO is a HUGE undertaking that many people probably don’t appreciate enough!

Thanks to all of you for a fun afternoon at the beach!

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