Meet Layla and Max!

It’s exciting enough when one baby arrives next door, but the arrival of these two last Winter brought a whole lot of cute to our little neighborhood here in Andover. I was so excited to meet and photograph them not too long after they arrived home from the hospital. While Newborn sessions usually take a couple of hours at least, I think this one went almost five hours because there were two babies who needed to eat, sleep, and be changed on their own schedules. (I got a little taste of what it’s like to have twins — woah!) It was so much fun and went by fast though, and I definitely got my required share of baby cuddling that day. So here are a few of my favorites from this twin newborn session… And if you make it to the end, you’ll see a sneak peek of the session I did with them last month — and have they changed!

Boston Baby Photographer_0010.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0002.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0001.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0008.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0005.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0004.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0011.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0012.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0013.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0015.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0017.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0018.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0019.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0020.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0022.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0023.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0024.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0025.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0003.jpg
Boston Baby Photographer_0028.jpg

And look at this happy family now! (More of these more recent photos will come once I catch up with my 2015 blogging — as you can see, I am way behind.)

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