Four years old | Boston Family Portraits

I’ve been photographing Spencer since he was a newborn, and it has been awesome to watch him change over the years. As a toddler or a just-turned-three year old, he would giggle as he ran in circles or darted around the park or climbed the playground structures. It was fun, hilarious, and exhausting all at the same time.  On the way to our most recent session in September 2018, I remember telling Ellie, who was assisting me, that I bet it would be a very different session from the year before. Four year olds are great because they are often past the shy stage and often willing to play games and interact in a way that toddlers and young three year olds might not. I love making them laugh and them in turn making me laugh too! We had a great time exploring the sculpture park at The DeCordova on this September day.

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