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Not only is your Senior Session a celebration of you and all that you have accomplished, it is also a huge milestone for your family. That’s why a Custom Session with the option of including the whole family is perfect for so many clients. I’ll first say, that the Senior is still the most important subject, but it’s so nice to get the entire family in some of the photos, because it’s a big deal for all of you.

I usually suggest we start with 20 minutes of family photos, and then focus the rest of our time on just the Senior. Lots of times dad and siblings leave at that point too, so that the Senior gets some time in front of the camera without an audience. In this case, Sydney’s whole family stayed throughout and it worked out great. Mom, dad, and brother Cooper all got individual photos with Sydney, and we still gave her lots of choices of just her for the yearbook and for her family to print!

Andover MA Senior Photos_0014.jpg
Andover MA Senior Photos_0019.jpg

Happy Family. I loved how well they get along and how much fun they have together!

Andover MA Senior Photos_0002.jpg

They have the biggest smiles!

Andover MA Senior Photos_0003.jpg

And of course we got a photo of just mom and dad.

Andover MA Senior Photos_0004.jpg

I just heard that I’ll be photographing the whole family again this August, because it’s Coopers turn for Senior photos!

Andover MA Senior Photos_0005.jpg
Andover MA Senior Photos_0006.jpg
Andover MA Senior Photos_0007.jpg
Andover MA Senior Photos_0009.jpg
Andover MA Senior Photos_0011.jpg
Andover MA Senior Photos_0010.jpg
Andover MA Senior Photos_0012.jpg
Andover MA Senior Photos_0013.jpg
Andover MA Senior Photos_0015.jpg
Andover MA Senior Photos_0016.jpg

Sydney chose the photo on the right for the yearbook, and I love that one too. The light was just gorgeous towards the end of the session.

Andover MA Senior Photos_0017.jpg

Can’t wait to see you all again in August! 🙂

Andover MA Senior Photos_0018.jpg

Visit this link to learn more about all the options for Senior Sessions.

Cristen Farrell is an Andover Senior photographer offering a variety of options for Senior Sessions. Cristen believes that the goal of the Senior Session should be more than just a yearbook photo. She will capture you in a natural and authentic style, and you will have have fun along the way! Cristen is based out of Andover, and offers Andover Senior Photos, but she also travels anywhere in the Boston area. Cristen can be reached by clicking on the contact form on this page.  Don’t forget to follow Cristen Farrell Photography on Instagram, too!

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