This business is my third chapter. After a career in advertising, I spent several years home with my daughters, and enjoyed (almost!) every minute of it. But when a close friend was losing her battle with cancer at the age of 40, I knew I needed to not waste a minute more. I was confronted with the fragility of life and I did not want to find myself one day asking why I hadn't pursued my dream. Even more, I was watching my girls get older and the only way I knew how to stop time was with my camera.


And that is why I do this. Not because photography is a fun hobby (it is!). Or because I need to help support my family and contribute to my girls' college education (I do!). I do it because I truly love to celebrate the joys and relationships in my clients' lives and help them stop time by preserving a memory of their family as it is RIGHT NOW.

A little more about Me

Part of finding a photographer that's a great fit for you, is finding one you feel comfortable with. So this will help you get to know me a little bit:


Family is Number One. I've been married for 21 years and have two daughters - 19 and 15. My oldest is a Freshman in college in Washington, DC, and trust me when I say, I know first hand how fast time goes.


Along with photography, I'm obsessed with travel. If i'm not planning an upcoming trip, I'm probably armchair traveling by reading travel blogs. You can check out my travel gallery here.


Every summer I take my girls on a road trip -- just the three of us. We have the best talks, take too many Buzzfeed quizzes, and do a LOT of singing in the car (be glad you aren't there to witness that!).


I think I'm handy but I'm not. Learned that by living in a 130 year old house for the last 17 years. I've fixed some things, and tiled a floor, but I truthfully really don't know what I'm doing.


Sometimes I think I'm still a teenager. I LOVE music and probably go to too many concerts, but my girls would probably tell you I'm really not very cool. And they make fun of the way I dance. And sing.

Spin class is my almost daily escape from the world. After years of dragging myself to the gym, and the misery of the treadmill, I tried a spin class and I did not die. In fact, I loved it. Dark room, loud music, and a tough 45-minute workout totally gets me going for the day.


My friends can make me smile for days. Spending a weekend or an evening with friends, a bunch of wine, a mountain to ski on, and a lot of laughs is one of my favorite things ever. And the best part is thinking about the funny moments days later and cracking up.


I hate having my picture taken. So if you're nervous, I promise I can relate. Just like me, you may have insecurities and I'll work hard to make you look your best during our shoot, and more importantly, see how beautiful you are.



the VERY



He who binds to himself a joy

Does the winged life destroy;

But he who kisses the joy as it flies

Lives in Eternity’s sunrise.

- William Blake


Based in Andover and available

North and West of Boston.

LONDON - PARISBoston Family Photographer


LONDON - PARISBoston Family Photographer