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Whether you like snow or not, you have to admit we haven’t had much of it around here in the last year or so! I love Winter and was really wishing for a good snowstorm when the weather forecasters started buzzing a few days after Christmas. While this wasn’t a big Nor’Easter, we did get a good eight inches. In addition to wishing for snow, I was also dying to do a family session after a few fresh flakes had fallen. Happy to say that this great family thought it was a fun idea too, so we all met up the next morning after we dug out.

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The kids had a great time making snow angels, getting pulled around in their sled, and throwing snowballs at dad.
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Heh heh heh… Dad’s in trouble!
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We were planning to build a snowman, but lucky for us, someone had built one and left it behind as a blank slate for us to contribute a face, hat and scarf to.

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Finally the kids were cold and ready to go home for some hot cocoa and a big lunch.

THAT was a lot of fun. Next snowstorm, give me a call!

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