It's More than Just A Yearbook Ph0to

You've worked hard in high school, this is a big milestone, and you deserve portraits that you love. Please don't settle for a standard and boring yearbook background, photos taken by a friend or someone who does photography "on the side". When you book with me, you'll get a custom experience. We'll discuss location, wardrobe, hair and makeup so that your session reflects exactly who you are. Your images will be carefully retouched to perfection - flyaways and blemishes will disappear! I want your images to show your personality, and make you feel confident. As a mom of a High School Senior and College Junior, I also know how important it is for your parents to have those images too.

We are so proud of you, but it's a bittersweet time for us. This is your year. Let's capture you in your very best light.

IT's All about you

This session is all about you, and I promise it will be fun. I'll help you look your best, without a lot of awkward or forced feeling poses, and I'll listen you your ideas as well throughout the session. See a spot that catches your eye, or if there a pose you'd like to try -- just let me know, and we'll make sure to work that in. I want you to come away feeling confident and loving the images so that you can share them with your friends and family, and have beautiful images of yourself as you head out into the world.

Session Details

The Simple Session

Perfect if you would love a beautiful yearbook photo plus a few others for yourself and your family, but don't need wardrobe changes or an out of town location.

  • 30 minute weekday Session within 5 miles of Andover
  • Proofing gallery of 20-30 images from which you will choose Five to be retouched to perfection and delivered to you electronically
  • Yearbook Photo (Chosen from one of your five files), submitted by Me, directly to your Yearbook, if desired.
  • 15% off Unframed Prints up to six 11x14, 10% off of all other products.

Click Here to view a Sample Simple Session.



Optional simple session upgrades. Choose one for $50, or both for $75.


- Extending to a one-hour session which allows for a wardrobe change, and 10+ additional images to choose from in your gallery.


- Choose a location up to 30 minutes from Andover, MA. (Beyond 30 minutes would be a Custom Session.)




The Custom Session


Allows you to customize your session as you like. You'll have your choice of location and time for a wardrobe change. includes:

  • 60-90 minute weekday or weekend Session
  • Proofing gallery of 50+ Images from which you will choose ten, to be retouched to perfection and delivered to you electronically
  • Yearbook Photo (Chosen from one of your ten files), submitted by me, directly to your yearbook If Desired.
  • Get the whole family involved and we'll include them for the first half of the session!

Click Here to view a Sample Custom Session


The Best Friends Session

Andover High School Senior Photos


Make your senior session even more fun - share it with up to two friends, and save!

  • Up to Two Hours of photography, within one hour of zip code 01810, where we will take individual photos, as well as photos of you together.
  • Proofing gallery of 30+ Images from which you will each Choose five, to be retouched to perfection and delivered to you electronically.
  • Yearbook Photo (chosen from one of your five files) submitted by me, directly to your Yearbook


Per person

Yearbook Only Session

Andover High School Senior Photos


In a time crunch, or just need a quick, but great quality photo for the yearbook?

  • Five to ten Minute session, near my home, with a natural backdrop. Painless and quick!
  • Proofing gallery of 3- 5 Images from which you will Choose one image to be retouched to Perfection, delivered to you Electronically, and submitted by Me, Directly to your yearbook. Additional images May be purchased for $75 each.
  • Cash, check, or Bank transers only for this session, please and Thank you!



Optional Collection UPgrades

(Or take your included files and get sharing!)

The Heirloom Collection


All digital Files from youR session, along with an Image box containing 5x7 mounted prints of your 20 favorite images or an 8x8 20 page Album.


The gallery Collection

Andover Senior Photos






The Petite Collection

Andover Senior Photos


Need just a few more images to complete your collection? Choose

10 additional digital Files.



Heirloom quality Products

Just because you will receive digital images as part of your package, doesn't mean you can't also have beautiful custom products printed by the finest labs in the country. I offer a whole suite of products, and I'm here to help you plan the best way to display and enjoy your images. I'm always happy to chat on the phone or meet in person to look at samples:














Please contact me for a full price-list.

REady to Book? I'd love to hear from you!

x- Cristen

Senior Session Booking Form

ThesE are Breathakingly Beautiful.

"How ever are we going to pick her one Senior photo?? You are so talented!! "

- Audrey



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North and West of Boston.

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