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Lately, I’ve been telling potential clients who inquire with me about what I call “Everyday Stories” sessions. I have really grown to love these sessions, especially for younger children. And I love them for both practical and sentimental reasons.

From a practical perspective, these sessions can go much more smoothly with very young children than sessions where we take them out of their element and to a random location. At home, they are at ease and everything they need and that is familiar to them is right there. If they need a break, they can go to the kitchen for a snack. Or if they need a cuddle with mom in the rocker, it’s right there. Their lovies and special toys are right there too, or the family pet, or whatever it might be that soothes them and makes them feel safe and happy.

Boston Childrens Photographer_0070.jpgOn the sentimental side — aren’t the family rituals and things that make your child feel safe and loved the same things you want to remember as a parent? For me those days at home reading to my little ones, singing to them in their rooms, cuddling in the rocker, and all those home-y things are the memories I don’t have enough photos of.

Yes, there are beautiful gardens and beaches where we can shoot and you will come away with gorgeous portraits of you and your family. But don’t dismiss that space right where you are. Your home doesn’t have to be pulled from the pages of Architectural Digest. It is uniquely yours and is the center of your child’s world at this point in time and that is the most important thing.

Every Day Stories sessions can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on your child and what you’d like me to capture. I show up, and we’ll talk bit about things you like to do together. It could be as simple as reading a book, or doing a craft. Do you make pancakes and bacon every Sunday morning? I’m not a morning person, but I will absolutely get over that and come photograph you! Do you want to remember bath times and bedtime rituals? That’s another option. Whatever it is you want to remember most about the life of your family, or I can just come and capture you in your element together.

Another thing about these sessions is that if you are remotely camera shy or just feel awkward having your photo taken, this might be a great option for you. Usually by the time I leave one of these sessions, we’ve chatted about all kinds of things, and I feel like I’ve made new friends. It’s informal and super relaxed and sometimes I have to remember to keep shooting through all the chatting! I promise after the first 10 minutes, you’ll be at ease and better able to put your best camera face forward too!

Here is one of my favorite sessions from this winter. I really enjoyed this family, and their sweet smiley girl!

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