Family portraits in Boston with a favorite family

This is my friend Christine and her beautiful family. For the past couple of weeks on Facebook, for each day of Lent, she’s been posting about the people and things that inspire her. I love seeing these posts every day, where she’s talked about everything from her parents, to book group, to her teachers, to her love of music. So, what better time to post this session — because, the truth is, she truly inspires me!

Boston Family Photographer_0001.jpgChristine and I were in college together, or more specifically — we were sorority sisters. And while over the years, I haven’t exactly shouted from the rooftops that I was in a sorority in college (some people roll their eyes…), the truth is that I met the most amazing group of women during those days. There were 60+ of us living in that house — from many different backgrounds and with a diverse set of interests. To this day, we have a special connection, and when we get together it’s like no time has passed.

I’ve always thought of Christine as one of the (if not the) smartest, most together people I know. She was tons of fun in college, and yet managed to become a Truman Scholar and go on to Harvard Law School. And her accomplishments since are too numerous to list here. I’ve always been amazed at her ability to balance hard work (I’m telling you, this woman works hard!) and live life to the fullest (I’m pretty sure she attends more concerts and sporting events than anyone I know).

While I don’t get to see her as much as I would like, Chris has been a voice of encouragement during some of the biggest periods of transition in my life — from convincing me to move to DC to work on the Clinton transition in 1992 (I still remember sitting at a Cambridge bar with her when she told me I was nuts if I did not go!), to being a cheerleader years later when I decided to switch gears completely and start my photography business.

So, what could be better than photographing Chris and her family after all these years? Eric, her husband, is such a great dad and so good with little Will. And Will — what can I say — this kid has personality. His expressions and dance moves were so much fun to capture. So here they are — Chris, Eric, and Will (and his VERY special yellow shovel).
Boston Family Photographer_0002.jpgBoston Family Photographer_0003.jpgBoston Family Photographer_0007.jpg
If this isn’t a look of mischief I don’t know what is…
Boston Family Photographer_0005.jpgSomeone loves his dad.
Boston Family Photographer_0006.jpg
And his mom…
Boston Family Photographer_0008.jpg
Boston Family Photographer_0009.jpg
Boston Kids Photographer_0012.jpgMore dance moves…
Boston Kids Photographer_0011.jpg
Ha! Eric said we had to get this shot because Will loves to pop up from behind them.
Boston Kids Photographer_0013.jpgHi, Dad!
Boston Family Portraits_0014.jpg
Boston Family Portraits_0015.jpg
Boston Family Portraits_0016.jpg
Boston Family Portraits_0017.jpgGet a load of this kid!!
Family Portraits in Boston
Boston Family Portraits_0019.jpg
Family Portraits in BostonPs. I just had to add — this is Will as a newborn. Because I am SO terrible at blogging, I never posted this session, but he was cute back then too — and as you can see from the first photo, had personality even then (or is getting ready to do the wave at all the sporting events his parents take him to in the future)!


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