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The gardens at the Stevens Coolidge Place in North Andover are just so beautiful. While it’s a drive from Boston, it’s well worth it if a client is looking for a magical garden setting. It’s been well worth the season pass I purchase to do photo sessions there — especially in September. This family happens to live in the area and they knew what a gem of a spot it is. And so perfect to photograph little Julia as she frolicked and explored the property.
Boston Portrait Photographer_0042.jpgBoston Portrait Photographer_0029.jpgI love these images of Julia and her mom, we talked a lot about the “fairies” that live in the garden and she had a fun time looking for traces of them. Boston Portrait Photographer_0031.jpgBoston Portrait Photographer_0046.jpgBoston Portrait Photographer_0030.jpgSo much of this season was really carefree… Julia is three, so we kind of just let her explore, and be a little girl.Boston Portrait Photographer_0028.jpgBoston Portrait Photographer_0041.jpgBoston Portrait Photographer_0039.jpgBoston Portrait Photographer_0033.jpgBoston Portrait Photographer_0034.jpgBoston Portrait Photographer_0035.jpgBoston Portrait Photographer_0032.jpgBoston Portrait Photographer_0044.jpgBoston Portrait Photographer_0045.jpgAt one point she just relaxed in the grass for a little break!Boston Portrait Photographer_0040.jpgThese are some of my favorites. I used a bit of a softer process on them, too.
Boston Portrait Photographer_0036.jpgShe looks like she’s putting a spell on something in the one on the right!Boston Portrait Photographer_0037.jpgBoston Portrait Photographer_0038.jpgIf you’d like a garden photo session, get in touch today and we’ll set it up. late Spring and early Fall are the most perfect times at the Stevens Coolidge Place, and at other garden locations, too!

Cristen Farrell is a Boston portrait photographer who also captures families, children, and life events in a relaxed and natural style. Cristen  specializes in natural light photography and is based in Andover Massachusetts. She travels all around the Boston area for newborn and family photography. Please contact her at or the contact button above for more information.





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