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Newborn sessions can sometimes be a bit unpredictable — if baby is fussy or doesn’t want to sleep, or sleeps the whole time. This was was not one of those sessions! Little Cailey was more than happy to cooperate for the camera from the very beginning. When I arrived she was perfectly sleepy and we laid her down for some classic sleepy baby photos. Boston Baby Photos_0001.jpg

Boston Baby Photos_0004.jpgBoston Baby Photos_0008.jpgAnd just at the perfect moment she decided to wake up and have a nice stretch, before mom put her in adorable new outfit for some photos in her room.Boston Baby Photos_0007.jpgBoston Baby Photos_0016.jpgAfter a quick snack she was ready to mug for the camera.Boston Baby Photos_0013.jpgI love her huge eyes, and they way they caught the light from the window. Boston Baby Photos_0014.jpgBoston Baby Photos_0011.jpgA little family time on the sofa.
Boston Baby Photos_0017.jpgSnuggles with dad, of course.  Boston Baby Photos_0018.jpg
Boston Baby Photos_0020.jpgAnd…. back to sleep! I couldn’t believe it.
Boston Newborn Photographer_0024.jpg
Boston Newborn Photographer_0025.jpg
Boston Newborn Photographer_0026.jpgShe’s going to get lots of love from these two over the years.
Boston Newborn Photographer_0029.jpgI have to end by adding that almost EVERY newborn session has a few minutes (sometimes more than a few) where baby is crying or fussy and that is totally OK. I’ll document the feeding, the rocking, and even the diaper changes! I always remind clients, that my clock is not ticking, so that is the last thing they should be worried about. I’m just happy to be there to capture these moments with your new baby.





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