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One year ago – March 14, 2020, was the last time I really hugged someone (without making it quick or holding my breath!) — outside of the people I live with. Those were celebratory hugs, after my cousin Rachel proposed to her now financée Jae.

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The plan was in the works for weeks, and Rachel asked me to be there to photograph the big moment (she was so nervous!), so we chatted about what might make a good location, and how she could get Jae there without raising suspicions. March is cold, and without anything in bloom, we thought that inside might be best. Rachel came up with the idea of meeting at Seed to Stem, a fantastic shop in Worcester (Rachel knows the owner), that overflows with lush green plants, terrariums, natural wonders, home accessories and antiques.

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We decided that a cozy nook by the window, surrounded with plants and super cool taxidermy, would be a great spot.

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While we knew things were starting to get weird with this virus, we had no idea what was truly in store for us. The next day the Governor would announce that he was restricting capacity at bars and restaurants and ten days later we’d enter a lockdown. But on March 14, 2020, all that mattered was that Jae said “Yes!”, these two were engaged, and I gained a new soon-to-be cousin.

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Now a whole year has gone by, we’ve survived the worst (hopefully) of a global pandemic (where many did not), and Rachel and Jae are planning an April 2022 wedding. It’s been a dark year, but those of us who made it through, will certainly appreciate life in a different way and more deeply than before. Hope is on the horizon and these two remind me of that.

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This post would not be complete without a huge thanks to Seed to Stem for allowing us to use their shop that afternoon. I arrived early and photographed some of the beautiful items they have on display. I need to make a trip back there soon. If you haven’t visited, definitely check it out! Seed to Stem is located at 138 Green Street in Worcester.

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Cristen Farrell is a Boston photographer, specializing in families, children, and life events such as proposals and intimate weddings. Her goal is to capture her subjects in a natural and authentic style. Cristen is based out of Andover, just North of the city, but travels anywhere in the Boston area. If you are looking for a Boston proposal photographer Cristen can be reached by clicking on this contact form.  Don’t forget to follow Cristen Farrell Photography on Instagram.

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