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Getting Back Out there

Yes, there are a few extra steps and things to think about, and if you are super nervous about getting sick or having to quarantine abroad, then maybe it’s not worth the anxiety. But truthfully traveling during Covid has, for me, driven home even more how we really are all connected as humans across the Globe. We are all tired of this pandemic, but as humans we are adapting (or at least a lot of us are) — so that we can get back to enjoying the beauty that life and the World has to offer while still looking out for one another in the face of a formidable virus. We really are all in this together, and traveling reminds me of that.

Paris. Again. Because we can’t stay away.

We couldn’t go to France and not visit Paris. Even if just for two nights. Not to mention, there isn’t a really easy to get by train from Strasbourg to Amsterdam without going through Paris.   Our hotel for this quick visit was the Hotel Michelet Odeon in the 6th – near the Luxembourg gardens. You can...

Springtime in Paris – Family Travel

There’s a reason why Springtime in Paris is a thing. In a city already beautiful and full of life, the Earth is waking up, with the leaves of the trees unfurling, and flowers bringing color to the muted hues of the cityscape. While we were a little sad to leave Provence, arriving to Paris with cherry blossoms in...


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LONDON - PARISBoston Family Photographer