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HOld your Images in Your Hands

One you have your digital files, will they sit on a hard drive forever, because you never had time to print them or create an album on your own? Many of us have phones and memory cards filled with image files that never make it into any tangible form. But how may times have you found yourself getting lost flipping through albums from your childhood or of your parents growing up. We all need to be better about making sure future generations experience this too. I often say, the pictures you take today are important to you, but they are more important to people you love or to people who don’t even exist yet.

Here's Why You'll Love An Heirloom Album


WE can Tell the whole Story

Albums are so much more than just a single photograph that shows a finite moment in time. It’s a collection of images that present a clearer and more authentic picture of your family.

Fewer Tough decisions

Can't narrow down the images you want to print? Don't have enough wall or desk space to display them? We can include 30-40 images in a 10×10, 20 page album (more for bigger albums), so you do’t have to make difficult choices about which images to leave behind.

The time consuming design work is done for you.

I’ll create your album using your favorite images from your gallery and will present your design on my online album proofing site. There, you can request changes or approve the album to release to the lab. Really, it couldn’t be easier, and you won’t be spending hours at your computer. Once we release your album to the lab, in about ten days you’ll have an heirloom piece that will stand the test of time and will be treasured and handed down through generations.

THe Images Are the Hero

Many consumer photo books use scrapbook-like graphics and busy pages. My designs are clean and simple and let your family’s images take center stage.


Gorgeous Materials

You’ll have a choice of leather, linen, velvet or suede for your cover, available in a wide variety of colors, and all materials are at the same price point.

Unsurpassed Quality

Unlike a photobook you might order from your consumer lab (usually with questionable color accuracy), your images are printed on the same professional photographic paper and by the same lab as my prints, and then seamlessly adhered to sturdy, thick, board book-like pages. The books are bound by hand at my lab, and individually checked for quality.

to learn more

If you’d like to flip through a sample layout, just click here. To see sample albums or cover swatches in person, just let me know and I’ll bring them to your session, or we can get together afterwards so that you can take a look. I'm happy to answer any questions you have and tell you more about the process. I'd love to show you why these albums are so special!


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North and West of Boston.

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LONDON - PARISBoston Family Photographer