FeEl Your Best, Look your best

How to Dress and Prepare

for your Senior photos

Wardrobe is important. Not only do clothes convey a lot about who you are, they can make you feel confident.

Feeling confident, comfortable, and relaxed is the first step to a successful session. Here is my best advice for preparing for your Senior Session.

SEtting the Tone

What kind of image do you want to convey? Listen to your instincts, and who you are will help you choose the right clothing.

Choosing your outfit

You can simply start with a color that you like, or choose an item of clothing that you know you feel great in. If you don't know where to start, here are a few tips:

  • Feel free to think beyond just a t-shirt and jeans, and choose an outfit that is unique to you. If you're doing a Custom Session, then definitely bring at least one other wardrobe option. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss!
  • Layering is great. Jackets, sweaters, etc., will all help to frame the face and add interest. Don't be afraid of accessories as long as they don't overwhelm.
  • Boys often wear a button-down shirt, which is great, but please make sure it fits well as these shirts can bunch or pull. I love a sweater layered over to add interest.
  • Please remember that (aside from Yearbook Only sessions), your photos will be more than just head and shoulders. So pay attention to bottoms as well as tops.
  • Patterns are OK as long as they don't take over. Think small checks vs large plaids or florals.
  • I highly recommend wearing something with pockets. People always wonder what to do with their hands, and pockets gives you one more option.
  • Your shoes will show in some of the photos, so they should be in good shape. I love shoes that show a bit of personality -- like a fun pair of converse, an awesome pair of heels, or a super cool sneaker if sneakers are your thing. If you are in sandals, remember to have your toes in good shape too.
  • Feel free to bring a few options (including accessories) to your session and we can look through them together. If you are doing a custom session, or choose to upgrade your Simple Session to an hour, we'll photograph you in more than one outfit.

A bit about Color

There are really no "off limits" colors. You just need to think about the tone you want to set, the colors that you like best/look best on you, and keep these tips in mind:

  • A fail-safe tip is to pick a color that accentuates your eyes.
  • Think about location and the tone you want to set. Softer colors are great for the beach, or if you want a fun look, a punch of color can be great.
  • Jewel tones and richer neutrals like chocolate, dark gray, or navy, are great alternatives to black.
  • A neutral base with a pop of color adds interest.
  • People often hear that they should stay away from black and white, but it's really a matter of personal taste and skin tone. Both colors do well accessories or layers.
  • Colors to be careful of: red, orange, green. Reds and oranges can throw a color cast on your skin, and green can be tough outdoors in an a lush, green environment.


Other Tips

  • Hair should be worn as you normally would, but hairspray will tame flyaways. Blowouts are a great idea for girls. Best time for a haircut is a week or so prior to your session.
  • Make-up should be kept natural, and it can be a nice treat to have it professionally done. Avoid anything with shine. I love a good highlight, but matte is best for photos!
  • If you are interested in professional hair and make-up for to make your session extra special, please check out Melissa Perrault's instagram page. She's a hair stylist and a super talented Mac makeup artist and her work is gorgeous. You can DM her on Instagram, or text her at 978.382.2501 for more information.
  • Consider using a teeth whitening product for a week or two before your session, or at the very least give them an extra good scrub before you arrive to have your pearly whites looking their best!
  • Please be sure that clothes fit well - A too-big button down will look messy. Don't forget to press your clothes so they aren't wrinkled - I can't stress this enough. If I have to spend an hour removing wrinkles in photoshop, I will have to charge for my time. It's also almost impossible to photoshop wrinkles out of plaid clothing, and very tricky to do so with some prints. Thank you!
  • Drink lots of water and be well rested ahead of your session.
  • Lastly, because everyone asks -- yes, I have some photoshop tricks up my sleeve, and I'm willing to use them (sparingly). Cleaning up acne is absolutely no problem, so don't stress out if a zit pops up that morning!


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