Jess and Ian’s Boston Marliave Wedding

When Jess contacted me about photographing her wedding, and described her vision for the day, I knew it was a perfect wedding for me to take. Small, intimate, with just close family and friends. She and Ian had chosen to hold their ceremony at Old City Hall in Boston, followed by a small dinner reception at Marliave, a great restaurant right around the corner. Add to that, the fact that we’d start the day with Jess and Ian getting ready at the historic Omni Parker House, and we had all the ingredients for a classic Boston wedding.
Intimate Boston Wedding_0001.jpg
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Jess and Ian’s nieces were flower girls, and they were definitely having fun getting ready for the ceremony too!

Intimate Boston Wedding_0012.jpgIntimate Boston Wedding_0004.jpg
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My second photographer, Amy, spent some time with the guys, while they got ready as well.
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And then it was time to head to the ceremony.
Boston Marliave Wedding_0019.jpg
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You really can’t get more Boston than this. Unless of course you get married at Fenway.
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Jess and Ian took a few minutes to have a glass of champagne right after the ceremony.
Boston Old City Hall Wedding_0031.jpg
Boston Old City Hall Wedding_0032.jpg

While the guests all got ready for a big group photo.
Boston Old City Hall Wedding_0033.jpg

There was a little time for everyone to mingle and have cocktails prior to heading over to the Marliave.
Boston Old City Hall Wedding_0034.jpg
Boston Old City Hall Wedding_0035.jpg
Boston Old City Hall Wedding_0036.jpg

And while the guests enjoyed that, Jess, Ian, and I took a little walk through the streets of Boston for the Bride and Groom Portraits.
Boston Old City Hall Wedding_0037.jpg
Boston Old City Hall Wedding_0038.jpg
Boston Old City Hall Wedding_0040.jpg

Jess’ grandfather had worked at the old Post Office, so naturally, we had to stop there.
Boston Old City Hall Wedding_0042.jpg

Then we headed to Post Office Square — a little oasis of a park in the heart of the Financial District.
Boston Marliave Wedding_0070.jpg

I loved Jess’ dress. It was elegant and simple at the same time.
Boston Marliave Wedding_0045.jpg
Boston Marliave Wedding_0046.jpg
Boston Marliave Wedding_0048.jpg

Boston Marliave Wedding_0050.jpgBoston Marliave Wedding_0051.jpg

With the portraits done, they were ready for the reception!

Boston Marliave Wedding_0071.jpg
Boston Marliave Wedding_0053.jpg

The red roses and silver vases were perfect for the ambiance at the restaurant.
Boston Marliave Wedding_0054.jpg
Boston Marliave Wedding_0056.jpg
Boston Marliave Wedding_0057.jpgBoston Marliave Wedding_0058.jpg
Boston Marliave Wedding_0059.jpg
Boston Marliave Wedding_0060.jpg
Boston Marliave Wedding_0061.jpg

Cute girls!
Boston Marliave Wedding_0068.jpg
Boston Marliave Wedding_0067.jpg
Boston Marliave Wedding_0065.jpg

Every had a great time. And the intimate room and dinner was just perfect.
Boston Marliave Wedding_0064.jpg
Boston Marliave Wedding_0063.jpg
Boston Marliave Wedding_0062.jpg
Boston Marliave Wedding_0049.jpg

Update: Flash forward to 2017, and I found myself photographing Jess and Ian’s first son Peter’s newborn session! And in 2018 — His baby brother Henry arrived. It’s a huge honor that they have allowed me to document their growing family. There is nothing more fulfilling in my job than seeing these families over the years.

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