I’m slightly annoyed with Mother Nature right now for deciding to give us a week of rain during my busiest time of year. However, it’s easy to remind myself that she’s also responsible for what has been an amazing September of shooting. Around here, portrait photographers are inundated with requests for family portraits showcasing the beautiful New England Foliage. However, if I had my pick, I’d get as many sessions as possible into September before those leaves turn. This year we’ve had cool weather (once we got past the beginning of the month) and gorgeous light for almost all of my sessions.

I’ve am also so fortunate to have the Stevens Coolidge Place in North Andover to shoot at locally, and I am in amazement at how stunning their gardens and grounds have looked. The staff and volunteers are truly masters at what they do. Not only have I enjoyed the gardens to shoot in, but I’ve been by with my kids to have a picnic or cut from the cutting garden (which is open every Friday and Saturday through September). I have visited this property more times than I can count with my kids from the time they were toddlers, and never have I seen it looking so beautiful. Many clients ask to shoot here, and I’m happy to say I purchase a season pass so that I can access the property for photo sessions. It’s literally worth every penny.

When I was at the estate on Sunday, I spent a little time after my session capturing some of the beauty of the flowers as the sun was setting as they will soon be gone for this year.  On this dreary day, I thought I’d share them here. And next Summer, don’t forget to call me to book your September session!

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