Oh how they grow… Wellesley Family Photography

This Fall I had two weeks where every family I photographed was returning to me after sessions in previous years. Not only does it make me feel good to know they liked my work enough to hire me again, but I truly think it helps the session as a whole because I already know a little bit about them, and they already know what to expect from me. And we are all just a little more comfortable with eachother than the first time we met.

I first photographed these adorable girls and their parents back in 2012, when Morgan was just 9 months old. I still won’t forget how the thing that made Emerson laugh the hardest was when we all yelled out “Washing Machine!!” That was the first time I’d used that one!  I was lucky enough to see them all again in 2013, but apparently I never blogged that session (I’m terrible at getting things up on my blog!)

So I can’t miss out on sharing our 2014 Session that we did at the Wellesley Town Hall, followed by a stop at the family’s home so that we could get some photos of the girls on their scooters! I think you’ll see how much they’ve changed over the years — Morgan is no longer a baby but a little girl, and Emerson is a great big sister! They had lots of fun running around the park with their ladybug wings and looking at the ducks.

Wellesley Family Photographer_0003.jpg

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I just love her expressions!

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