Three Siblings at Endicott Park – Boston Family Photographer

Somehow it’s almost been a year since this session and I am finally getting it posted on the blog. I wanted to be sure to share it, as it’s a great example of a session with older kids. Sessions with kids this age are often a little more traditional (more portraits vs. slice of life), than a session with little ones, but I still work to keep things relaxed and natural and ensure that everyone has a good time. Girls this age usually really enjoy the experience and have a lot of fun with it. Boys — well, it’s probably not at the TOP of their list of how they’d like to spend an hour of their life, but I’m pretty sure they leave the session thinking it was FAR less torturous than they expected it to be — and yes, maybe even fun.  Not only was this a great family, but we had a beautiful summer night, and a pretty location too — Endicott Park in Danvers.

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