South End Family Photographer | Ringold Park Photo Session

I was looking forward to this session as soon as we booked it. A family in the Boston’s South End, with a one-year-old little girl. It reminded me so much of when we lived in the South End when Grace was born (we stayed there until she was two). It was awesome to have a baby in the city (aside from hauling her and all her stuff up to the third floor of our walk-up). The best thing about living in the city was that we could walk everywhere. I put in a lot of miles pushing the stroller along the brick sidewalks of our neighborhood to the market or to pick up take out. We spent many hours with her at Sparrow and Ringold Park and watching Molly run around Blackstone Square with the other dogs. So, doing this session brought me back to those days with our little city baby, and made me miss living there a whole lot.

But enough reminiscing. Let’s get to these photos from this session back in the Fall. We started out at home, because that is always a great place to start with a toddler. It gets them comfortable with me, and allows us to capture the family in their little nest.

South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0070.jpg
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0073.jpg
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0075.jpg
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0074.jpg
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0076.jpg
South End Family Photographer _0078.jpg
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0079.jpg

And of course we had to make a quick trip up to the roof deck.
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0080.jpg
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0082.jpg

And then off to the park.
South End Family Photographer_0083.jpg
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0084.jpg
South End Family Photographer_0085.jpg

I love how she’s just teensy bit wobbly, but is ready to go on her own.
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0086.jpg

Such beautiful eyes. They seem like a mixture of blue and green and hazel.
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0087.jpg
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0088.jpg
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0089.jpg
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0090.jpg

Still full of smiles despite missing her nap that day!
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0091.jpg
South End Family Photographer _0092.jpg

I think she looks like her mom here!
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0094.jpg
South End Boston Portrait Photographer_0095.jpg
South End Family Photographer _0093.jpgIf you are looking for a South End Family Photographer and would like to do a session in your neighborhood, get in touch! I love shooting in the city, and I’d love to meet you.

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