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I first met this family three years ago, when little Emmett was just two years old. His mom asked me to come to their home and just “capture him at two” to help her to remember what her little boy was like at this age. I loved that session, because I felt really free to just come in and document them as a family, and Emmett as a toddler.

Fast forward one year, and I found myself back at their home, along with their newborn baby, Adeline. And again, I got to document the sweet moments and the chaos,  that are part of having a new baby girl, and a three year old there to welcome her.

And now, Emmett is almost four, and his baby sister is a happy, walking, smiling, curious one-year-old and I recently visited their home again to capture life on a Sunday at home. Dad playing his guitar, kids and mom hanging out in the hammock, Emmett running through the yard, and Adeline exploring the world around her.

What I love about this family, and this session, is that I know I’m not there to get the perfect Christmas card photo (even though some of these might end up on it), but to capture life as it is, in this very moment, so that they can look back and remember these days.  I knew I did that, when I got this email after Sara saw the gallery:

“There are no words to describe how amazing your work is!  My heart is literally bursting with love.  With all of the stressful parts of parenting, unexpected life obstacles,  and demanding careers it’s these moments that make it all worth it.  Thank you for thoughtfully capturing the joyous and chaotic pieces that make it all worth it.”

And that completely made my day.

Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0004.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0005.jpgEmmett is such a free spirit, and I love not knowing what he’s up to next. When he was two he wouldn’t put down his watering can (which he called a “drill”), and this year, like many almost-four-year-old boys, he was all about this stick, which was, at times, his fishing pole. Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0006.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0008.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0007.jpgThis just makes me laugh a little but I love it.
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0001.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0002.jpgRunning!
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0009.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0010.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0011.jpgCan you see that mischievous look in his eyes?
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0012.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0014.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0013.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0015.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0016.jpgThe chubby baby legs!
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0017.jpgGosh I love this picture so much. I wish you could hear the sound of his giggles, but hopefully you get the idea. The giggles were infectious.
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0018.jpgSneaking into the barn. 🙂
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0019.jpgWe were having a little chat about his school friends here.
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0020.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0021.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0022.jpgAnother one that I just love. It’s a little blurry, too, and maybe that’s part of why I love it.
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0023.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0025.jpgShe is so smart. She showed me her head, her eyes, her nose; etc.
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0024.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0026.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0027.jpgI love the drool. I wouldn’t photoshop that out!
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0028.jpgAnother favorite, here:
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0029.jpgWe had a little wardrobe change at this point. Erik bought Addie this dress when he was in Milan for work, and while he knew she may never actually have someplace to wear it he couldn’t resist! Nothing like 100% silk and tulle on a one year old, just because. But it sure was cute, so I’m glad we got some photos with her in it.
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0030.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0031.jpgEmmett also got a fancy pair of shorts from Milan. Pretty adorable.
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0032.jpgI love the way she’s looking at her brother who is tossing himself all over the bed.
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0033.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0034.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0035.jpgAnd he’s so sweet to her.
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0036.jpgEmmett was proud to show me what he and his mom made together one day, and how he was almost as tall.
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0037.jpgBack outside for a few last photos.
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0038.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0039.jpgSara told me that Addie loves hats, so the flowers became one for her.
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0040.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0041.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0042.jpg
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0043.jpgAnd the perfect ending. Just the two of them.
Boston Family Portrait Photographer_0044.jpg


Cristen Farrell is a Boston family portrait photographer, capturing families, children, newborns, and life events in a relaxed and natural style. Cristen  specializes in natural light photography and travels all around the Boston area for newborn and family photography.  This session took place at her clients’ home, which is always a great location for your family portraits — especially with little ones! Please contact cristen at for more information.

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