Twin Love – Boston Family Portraits

Photographing twins is not always easy, especially when they are under three! They often head in opposite directions and it can take a lot of effort and patience to get them to be photographed together. But not these two. They just adore each other. This session was full of hugs, and hand holding, and little whispers and looks between the two of them. Not to mention the giggles!

Boston Children's Photographer_0009.jpgThe best part is that I live next door to these adorable munchkins and photographed them when they were tiny babies, and again as one year olds. They are pretty cute if you ask me.Boston Children's Photographer_0006.jpg
Boston Children's Photographer_0001.jpg
Boston Children's Photographer_0026.jpg
Boston Children's Photographer_0002.jpg
Boston Children's Photographer_0003.jpgJust the sweetest.Boston Children's Photographer_0025.jpg
Boston Children's Photographer_0011.jpgI never once had to ask them to hold hands. They JUST DO.
Boston Family Portraits
Boston Children's Photographer_0012.jpg

Chasing bubbles.
Boston Children's Photographer_0004.jpg
Boston Children's Photographer_0007.jpg

He’s got the John Deere and he’s ready to go!
Boston Children's Photographer_0013.jpg
Boston Children's Photographer_0015.jpg
Boston Children's Photographer_0016.jpgI love the way Layla is looking at him in the second photo below.
Boston Children's Photographer_0018.jpg
Boston Children's Photographer_0019.jpg
Boston Family Portraits
Boston Children's Photographer_0022.jpg
Boston Children's Photographer_0023.jpg
Boston Children's Photographer_0020.jpg

Cristen Farrell specializes in Boston Family Portraits. She is based out of Andover, just North of the city, but travels anywhere in the Boston area. Cristen photographs families, newborns, children, and life events. She can be reached by clicking on this contact form.

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