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If you haven’t been to Wentworth-by-the-Sea, it is a beautiful historic resort in New Castle New Hampshire. It’s a perfect location for family photos, because it not only offers a gorgeous garden setting, but also a marina, and just one minute down the road, a small beach. Julie and Christian were married here and we did a session on their wedding anniversary in 2017. Two years later, and we decided to use the Wentworth again, because we loved it so much the first time! Just one caveat about this location, Julie called ahead and asked permission and to clear the date beforehand. They also booked a reservation in the restaurant after the session, so I’d highly suggest this if you are considering a session there.

Wentworth by the Sea

The gardens here are just gorgeous, and the light on this night was golden and glory they way a June night should be.

Seacoast NH Family Photos

I first photographed these kiddos when Kyle was around two years old and it’s been awesome watching them grow. They are really good kids, and super sweet to each other.

Seacoast NH Photographer_0010.jpg
Seacoast NH Photographer_0003.jpg
Seacoast NH Photographer_0004.jpg
Seacoast NH Photographer_0005.jpg
Seacoast NH Photographer_0007.jpg
Seacoast NH Photographer_0013.jpg

It’s always OK with me when kids get a little silly during a session, and Kyle decided that this lamp post was perfect to shimmy up!

Seacoast NH Photographer_0009.jpg
Seacoast NH Photographer_0006.jpg
Seacoast NH Photographer_0012.jpg

During the last session we did, we headed down to the marina after we were finished in the gardens, but this time we hopped in our cars for the one minute drive to the little beach down the road.

Seacoast NH Photographer_0016.jpg

Again with the GORGEOUS light.

Seacoast NH Photographer_0018.jpg

I love that Kyle can sit still and smile at me one second, and then take off like wildfire, just as kids need to do sometimes. It’s all cool with me.

Seacoast NH Photographer_0022.jpg
Seacoast NH Photographer_0021.jpg
Seacoast NH Photographer_0017.jpg

Abby seemed so grown up since I saw them last in 2017!

Seacoast NH Photographer_0014.jpg

And a couple last photos of the whole family before we called it a wrap!

Seacoast NH Photographer_0020.jpg
Seacoast NH Photographer_0023.jpg

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