Beach Plum Inn Wedding – Marthas Vineyard

Anyone who knows me knows that Martha’s Vineyard is a special place to me. I’ve been spending time there every summer for the last 23 years or so. My first summer on the Vineyard I was a junior in college, and worked at the bookstore in Edgartown, the A&P, and babysat for a six year old girl, Brenna, and her baby sister Haley (brother Jackson wasn’t around yet!)

Of all my jobs that summer, I loved babyistting those girls the most! I would go to the beach with them, look for periwinkles at Eel Pond, or walk them into town and visit the toy store. Brenna would carry a paper cup with her and collect rose petals that had fallen from the abundant rose bushes that lined Edgartown’s streets.

Over the years, I stayed in touch with the family, and each summer we’d get together on the Vineyard for lunch or a trip to the beach. Once I had my own kids, Brenna and Haley would babysit them during our Vineyard vacations. Their mom Suzanne has remained a friend, and I’ve always looked up to her as someone who did a great job (along with their dad Steve, of course!) raising her kids.

This summer I had the honor of photographing Brenna’s wedding to Jett. I was joined by a phenomenal second shooter — Laura Pineda of Alternate Angles Photography, of Newport, RI. Thank you Laura!

The setting was the gorgeous Beach Plum Inn in Menemsha on Martha’s Vineyard, and though the day started off with pouring rain, mother nature gave us a break and kept things dry from about 11AM on. It was a beautiful wedding, a beautiful couple, and I could not have been more honored to photograph it.

Enough with the words — here are my favorites from the day (there are kind of a lot of them!)

Marthas Vineyard Wedding Photographer_0166.jpg

I arrived at the Beach Plum Inn early to photograph the preparations for the day.

Marthas Vineyard Wedding Photographer_0167.jpg

Gorgeous flowers by Donoroma’s.
Boston Wedding Photographer_0108.jpg

Boston Wedding Photographer_0111.jpg

Boston Wedding Photographer_0114.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer_0113.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer_0107.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer_0121.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer_0122.jpg

Brenna’s dress by Elizabeth Fillmore was simply perfect.
Boston Wedding Photographer_0123.jpg

This might be one of my top five images from the day. Added a little grain with VSCO presets to give it the filmy look.
Boston Wedding Photographer_0125.jpg

While I was with the girls, Laura was over at the Menemsha Inn and Cottages with the guys.
Boston Wedding Photographer_0116.jpg

There may have been some trouble figuring out how to tie Jett’s bow tie.
Boston Wedding Photographer_0117.jpg

But one of his friends came to the rescue and everything worked out!
Boston Wedding Photographer_0118.jpg

Brenna and Jackson waiting in the Beach Plum Inn’s upper tent to head down to the ceremony site on the grass.
Boston Wedding Photographer_0133.jpg

There wasn’t a dry eye, including my own!
Boston Wedding Photographer_0135.jpg

Such a sweet shot by Laura.

Boston Wedding Photographer_0134.jpg

Ceremony music and music for the reception was by the awesome Mike Benjamin Band. These two photos are by Laura.
Boston Wedding Photographer_0132.jpg
Boston Wedding Photographer_0136.jpg

Love this one!

Marthas Vineyard Wedding Photographer_0139.jpg

And they’re married!
Marthas Vineyard Wedding Photographer_0140.jpg
Marthas Vineyard Wedding Photographer_0141.jpg

This awesome shot is by Laura!
Boston Wedding Photographer_0127.jpg

Love these of Brenna. She’s such a natural in front of the camera.

Boston Wedding Photographer_0129.jpgBoston Wedding Photographer_0126.jpg

Boston Wedding Photographer_0130.jpg

Boston Wedding Photographer_0131.jpg

And now the reception!
Marthas Vineyard Wedding Photographer_0143.jpg
Marthas Vineyard Wedding Photographer_0146.jpg

Awesome raw bar (made me wish I liked seafood!)

Marthas Vineyard Wedding Photographer_0147.jpg

A few great toasts.
Marthas Vineyard Wedding Photographer_0150.jpg

And then on to the party.
Marthas Vineyard Wedding Photographer_0148.jpg
Marthas Vineyard Wedding Photographer_0149.jpg

Laura got her fisheye out for this great shot of the first dance.
Beach Plum Inn Wedding Photographer_0153.jpg

The delicious cake was from the Black Dog Bakery.
Beach Plum Inn Wedding Photographer_0151.jpg

Beach Plum Inn Wedding Photographer_0154.jpg
Beach Plum Inn Wedding Photographer_0155.jpg
Beach Plum Inn Wedding Photographer_0156.jpg
Beach Plum Inn Wedding Photographer_0157.jpg

The highlight of the night was surely Jett playing harmonica with the Mike Benjamin Band!
Beach Plum Inn Wedding Photographer_0158.jpg
Beach Plum Inn Wedding Photographer_0159.jpg
Beach Plum Inn Wedding Photographer_0160.jpg

And the night ended with a Hava Nagila. So. Much. Fun.Beach Plum Inn Wedding Photographer_0161.jpg
So happy for the two of you. Thank you for having me as part of your day!


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