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I mean, you can’t really ask for a better Christmas present than a little bundle of baby boy. Baby River arrived just before Christmas, and I got to meet him just a few days later. I’d already photographed his big sisters and mom and dad a few times before, so it was even more special to meet the newest member of this little family.

Before I get to River, though, here’s little Powell creeping up the stairs by the Christmas tree. I photographed her as a newborn too!

Andover Family Photographer_0001.jpg

Then we started with a few photos of just River and dad.

Andover Family Photographer_0002.jpg

But Powell needed a snuggle too.

Andover Family Photographer_0003.jpg
Andover Family Photographer_0004.jpg

And finally we were joined by big sister, Sloane.

Andover Family Photographer_0005.jpg

Their mom always has THE most adorable outfits for them. I can’t even with the sequined jackets.

Andover Family Photographer_0006.jpg
Andover Family Photographer_0008.jpg
Andover Family Photographer_0007.jpg

I just love this one of the whole family. So much sweetness in this image. The way Powell is looking at River, and Sloan is snuggling into dad. ?

Andover Family Photographer_0009.jpg

Little monkey….

Andover Family Photographer_0010.jpg
Andover Family Photographer_0011.jpg
Andover Family Photographer_0012.jpg

And now little River gets to be the star.

Andover Newborn Photographer_0026.jpg
Andover Newborn Photographer_0025.jpg
Andover Newborn Photographer_0024.jpg
Andover Newborn Photographer_0023.jpg
Andover Newborn Photographer_0022.jpg
Andover Family Photographer_0021.jpg
Andover Family Photographer_0020.jpg

They looove him!

Andover Family Photographer_0019.jpg
Andover Family Photographer_0018.jpg
Andover Family Photographer_0017.jpg
Andover Family Photographer_0016.jpg
Andover Family Photographer_0015.jpg
Andover Family Photographer_0014.jpg
Andover Newborn Photographer_0027.jpg
Andover Newborn Photographer_0028.jpg

A few of the girls hanging in their room while River is having a snack.

Andover Newborn Photographer_0029.jpg
Andover Newborn Photographer_0030.jpg
Andover Newborn Photographer_0031.jpg
Andover Newborn Photographer_0032.jpg
Andover Newborn Photographer_0033.jpg

And time with Mama.

Andover Newborn Photographer_0035.jpg
Andover Newborn Photographer_0034.jpg
Andover Newborn Photographer_0036.jpg

And why not end with a good photobomb. 🙂 I can’t wait to see you all in September!

Andover Family Photographer_0013.jpg

My other favorite thing about this session, is this custom album. It’s got a velvet cover and is stamped with baby’s name and birthday. Albums are my absolute favorite product — they help you tell a complete story from your session without having to make the difficult decisions about which images to print. Read more about albums at this link.

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